Barnswallows are a welcomed part of life on our farm. They nest in the same building each year, and frequent the same nests. I've seen 3 sets of young in the same nest in a single season. 


           Barnswallows arrive on schedule each year in mid-April, and depart suddenly each August. They eat a tremendous number of flying insects while here.





 Nests are made of mud and lined with grass and feathers...these  feathers are from our chickens. The barnswallow pair (both parents) gather mud, roll it into a pellet and carry it back to the nesting site in their bills.




         Just beginning to peak over the side, waiting for food. Both parents take turns incubating and caring for their young.





    They sense food coming...its actually just me taking the photo.





          Just before first flight. They don't go very far, and we often find them lined up on the insulated electric wires in the barn. Thats about as far as they want to go.




                      I love this shot!!! Mom in flight.




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