Our History

In 1969, Murray Cohen, born and raised in Chicago, graduated Southern Illinois University. He majored in agriculture and was determined to be a farmer. A product of his time, he wanted not only to be a farmer, but an organic farmer. This was at a time when organic was little more then a concept.

In 1971, when the Cohen family purchased the land, there was not a single organic farm in Chatham County. As a matter of fact, most people could not tell you what made a farm organic. Thus, Murray’s concept of “Clean Raised Beef”.  Murray did not start out to sell beef directly to the public. But the public, especially those with special needs, found Murray. In particular, people that were especially sensitive to the chemicals used in commercial beef began showing up at his door. Little by little, the word spread of a source of Clean Beef, free of the chemicals so often found in the commercial markets. And so, the story of Cohen Farm begins.

Farming at that time was dependent on herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Rachel Carson’s book on DDT had not yet become widely accepted as fact. The terminal price that the men and women working in the fields were later to pay, was not anticipated.

Murray Cohen pioneered “no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, no hormones and no routine use of antibiotics” in this part of the world. He proved that the concept was viable. The consistent use of natural fertilizers has resulted in rich, nutritious soil that has produced hay sought after by organic milk producers, cheese producers, horse breeders, and alpaca farmers.

Cohen Farm  stands for the humane treatment of its livestock. Cows roam free within carefully rotated pastures, ensuring clean grazing and plenty of shade. Pigs are pastured with free access to shelter and their own self-made wallows. Chickens are free range, with forage sites rotated.  In keeping with a humane care tradition, we never deny our animals appropriate medical interventions and those animals needing antibiotics for a specific reason receive them. They are not included in our sales.

Humane treatment coupled with organic pastures and grain produces high quality products, a difference you can taste. We are pleased and excited to be able to bring our families products to you.
We welcome farm visits, and look forward to hearing from you.

Esta and Murray Cohen


“Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you”

                                                          Murray Cohen




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