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Comfortable!Lady Overlooking Chicken and Pig HousesNuzzling NewbornFirst DayRoosterSarah with GussiesCarpenter Bee & OkraFaithBell & Banana PeppersPond ViewNursingMother and CalfNursing...getting bigEsta's Mom and DadSandpiper Eggs, Layed Between Bean PlantsHay Bale in front of Barley fieldPondFeeding in WinterSunsetBull in ForegroundOne Very Bad Hair Day!They love the mudWaiting for the pigs to churn up grubsTrue Border Collie behavior; she is always workingThank you!Delivering round balesSummer grasses, 2011Close-up of cockrelsArrived Oct 13 2011as day old chicksHow many chicks can you find?Big brother and little sisterMobile chicken house, 2012Wild hen gets all her chicks in the nest box for protectionChicks with mother hen, about 2 weeks oldMurray and oatsWhite RocksShelter and side lot for young pigsNewly arrived, April 16, 2012Mother and chicks, April 16, 2012First fountain drinkGot grass?Newly arrived, April 2012Another boss
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